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Questions Our Customers Ask.

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Here are a few questions people have asked us...

If you don't see your question here, please give us a call at 918-786-3660 or contact us and we will try to help you. Click on the question to get the answer.

  • Q. Is there warranty on repair jobs?
  • A. At Showcase Collision Center, we guarantee all work as long as you own the vehicle.
  • Q. Do I have to get another estimate?
  • A. No law requires you to get more than one estimate
  • Q. Can insurance companies tell me where to take my vehicle?
  • A. You are not obligated to use any particular shop to obtain repairs. You choose the shop and authorize the repairs.
  • Q. Can I get my vehicle before I finish paying for the repairs
  • A. You are responsible for the cost of repairs. Financial arrangement must be completed before the vehicle can be released.
  • Q. Are you qualified to work on my vehicle?
  • A. Our people are professionally trained craftsmen who will do a quality job restoring your vehicle.
  • Q. What happens if you find other damages during the repair process?
  • A. If we find any supplemental damages to your vehicle after we disassemble it and are in the midst of repairs, we will contact the insurance company for approval of a supplemental payment. In the event it is not an insurance job we will contact the vehicle owner for authorization for supplemental repairs.
  • Q. My vehicle cannot drive, how can I get it to you?
  • A. If your vehicle is undriveable, we can arrange to have it towed to our shop.
  • Q. How much does an estimate cost?
  • A. All estimates are free.

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